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Once upon a time the waffle in all its forms

36 years of exploring the Waffle in all its aspects to delight you every day !


Creation of BELGAUFRE

Our founder Stéphane Desobry creates the company BELGAUFRE, in Belgium. Company specializing in the manufacture of dough for Liege waffles. First frozen, it will be replaced by a dehydrated dough, offering a limitless playing field for the export of this gourmet recipe.

The first points of sale to taste our Waffles !

It is the creation of small franchise points of sale, which offer handmade Liege waffles every day to their customers.



Birth of Waffle Factory

The Waffle Factory gives way to the Waffle Factory brand. Network of franchises in which the playing field is both sweet and savory waffles with the creation of a unique product, LunchWAF.

Waffles conquering France (and the world !)

Whether you go from Paris to Marseille, from Bordeaux to Lyon via Rennes or Nancy; without forgetting Reunion, Martinique and Morocco, our Waffle Lovers enjoy our sweet waffles…. And salty, once! (Or several times!)


A little history is good …

Tasting our waffles

is even better !