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Our concept 100% waffle

Waffle Factory is an atypical concept and a unique offer around a product that everyone loves : the Waffle !

Des gaufres sucrées… ou salées pour vous régaler !

Our LunchWaf’, Liege Waffles, Waffines, Iced break and Hot&Crazy recipes will tickle your taste buds to the rhythm of the seasons and will introduce you to the limitless world of deliciousness to make you true Waffle Lovers. Whether savory or sweet, on site, takeaway or home delivery, the breaks with us are guaranteed original and tasty. All with fresh products made on site, in front of you.

Savoury Waffles


Discover our delicious savory waffles cooked with herbs from Provence. A perfect marriage between crispy and soft, our innovative waffles offer a range of mouth-watering toppings: grilled chicken, crunchy vegetables, melty cheese. A unique taste experience that reinvents the classics to awaken your taste buds with complete indulgence.

Liege Waffles

Famous for its pearls of sugar which melt when cooked and give it its much appreciated caramelized side, our Liège waffles are a real treat! For those with a sweet tooth, they can be decorated with one – or more – topping(s) and extra toppings!

Sweet Waffles :


A light, brioche-like dough that transforms into a playground of taste. They are garnished with tasty toppings (dark chocolate, frangipane, cookies, speculoos, etc.) and even crispy with almonds, hazelnuts, pieces of caramel, etc.


Hot&Crazy: hot and ultra-delicious drinks based on chocolate or coffee, and our fruity or milky iced drinks enhance our waffles to offer you a break that is as refreshing as it is delicious!

Des gaufres cuisinées sur place et avec amour par nos Waffle Makers

Our Waffle Makers make authentic and tasty products every day !

Our products are 100% Handmade. From dosing to kneading, molding, filling, not forgetting the folding of our waffles!

Want to taste ?

Find all our savoury & sweet waffles and our drinks in our restaurants!